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Introduction and Rules

I am vail_kagami, an author in various fandoms, and I'm going to start this by admitting that just like most authors, I have a number of works in progress I have been distracted from and never got around to finishing. But they have never been forgotten completely, always sitting in the back of my mind as something that needs to be done, someday.

So to finally stop these fanfic-ghosts from haunting me, I will be the first to accept the challenge of this community and hope that many others will follow.

The rules are quite simple: You take on the challenge, and once you did that, you have to finish one chapter for your story in question within a month, another within the next and so on. It's up to you to decide when exactly your personal challenge for every WIP will start, and since every challenge starts individually, there is no common deadline for everyone. I'll try to explain this with an example that will also show you what your first post should look like.


Title: Imagine a Clever Title Here
Chapters so far: 5
Fandom: Random Fandom Name
Last updated: (This is for giving us an idea how long the story has been sleeping.)
Starting date: May 9, 2009 (In this place you write the date you make the post. I know it's easy to see when the post was made, but bear with it.)

The author of this particular story now has to finish and post the next chapter of the story until the ninth of June 2009. The moment you post your chapter, the countdown starts for the next chapter. One chapter a month. Lets stick with our example:

Once the chapter is finished, you post it, or a link to it, in this community, and you do it like this:

Title: Imagine a Clever Title Here
Chapter: 6 (Please also post a link to the previous parts.)
Fandom: Random Fandom Name
Rating: R
Warnings (if needed): Graphic violence
Spoilers (if needed): Episode 12
Characters/Pairings (whatever is appropriate): Character A/Character B
Summary: (Please write one. I know it can be a pain, but give your potential readers at least a general idea of what your story is about.)
Finishing date: June 2, 2009 (Now, this is the important bit: Since the chapter was posted on the second of June, your deadline for the next part is the second of July. The new countdown starts with the posting of the latest chapter.)


I hope I got the idea across. If there are questions, ask them.

Of course you can also accept the challenge if there's only one chapter left for you to write. It merely means you will be done quicker.
Once you have finished the story, you add FINISHED in big, bold letters after the finishing date. If you have managed to keep to all your deadlines, you will get a banner for your story as a reward. If you missed a deadline, you don't.

Special rule: This community is also open to authors who are writing original fiction. In case you are aiming to publish your work and don't want to put up entire chapters here, your chapter-post looks exactly like that described above, but instead of posting all the chapter behind the cut, you only give us an excerpt. A paragraph is enough to show you have gotten something done. We'll take your word for it.

We are, obviously, a brand new community, and we want our members to feel well here. So if you have a suggestion on how to improve our little group, feel free to post it in a reply to this post, or any mod post coming up in the future, or to send a message to me or my co-mod nightrider101, if you have a problem or a question you don't want to discuss in public.



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May. 21st, 2009 06:23 am (UTC)
Are there rules about the tagging system?
May. 21st, 2009 01:15 pm (UTC)
None I have written down. I will if there are any problems in the future, but so far most of our members have been able to tag their posts the way I did in my first one on their own. (Just like you, I noticed.) Also, for first time posters I usually still have to create most tags they need. (I.e. author and fandom tag.) The rest will be added by me for this post.
When you update, you only need the author and the fandom tag.
Good luck with your story!
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