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Finishing Works in Progress

Making sure no good story goes unfinished.

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wip finishing
This community is for helping you finish the work in progress story you always wanted to come back to but never found the time. The fanfic skeletons lying in your closet like a guilty conscience, because there are readers waiting for the next chapter that never came - or simply because you want it finished and off your to-do list.

We're going to help you with this by the fail-proof method of confronting you with every author's worst fear: deadlines.

The idea is simple: You accept the challenge, and from that moment on you have one month for posting a new chapter. One chapter every month, until the story is finished. Once the story is finished you get a banner as a price, especially made for you. The full rules can be found here.

So it's time to dust off those pesky works in progress you've been hiding under your beds and finally put them to rest.

We hope to foster an environment of supportiveness and creativity, so please join us. Since we are a new comm, we are open to any ideas and suggenstions that might encourage an author to finish a story. So if you have a good idea, please share it with us.